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The battery supplies both the starter and other consumers (central locking, brake light, parking light etc.) with electric current. This is again fed to it by mechanical energy from the engine. Both cold and old age can make sure that the battery is not working properly.

What you should consider when using the battery in your car:

The battery (starter battery) supplies the starter with electric current
Not every battery can be installed in any vehicle – voltage, shape and housing must fit
The car battery usually has a warranty period of 24 months
Pay attention to possible defects (bad start-up)
Have any checks, repairs or changes carried out in a specialist workshop.
Stay safe with FT Autocentre in Kirton.

The cost of this repair at a glance

The work required for removing and installing the battery is relatively low.
The price for a new battery varies greatly, depending on size, quality, additional accessories you might need and how much power it needs to deliver.
Large vehicles (transporters, caravans) require a larger car battery, while small cars are equipped with a less powerful battery. Quality differences also play a role here – particularly cheap batteries can fail quickly at cold temperatures.

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