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Based in Kirton, near Boston, we provide FREE brake checks & clutch checks

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Without doubt, your vehicle’s braking system is the most important when it comes to keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe. Wear and tear on brake pads, discs and handbrake cables can mean that your braking system is not as effective as it should be which can mean the difference between stopping your vehicle quickly or not. FT Autocentre offers FREE brake checks including brake fluid levels.

5 signs that mean brakes need attention:

• Vehicle pulling to one side during braking

• Vibration through pedal applying brakes

• Grinding noises when braking.

• Spongy feeling to the brake pedal

• Excessive play on the handbrake

5 signs that a new clutch is needed:

• Problems with gear selection

• Engine revs climbing but little increase in speed

• Loss of acceleration or no drive at all

• Strong burning smell

• Vehicle judders when setting off

Any problems?

The clutch is also vital to your vehicle as it provides the drive to your wheels. If you are experiencing any of the problems listed, please call in for a FREE check by one of our experts in Boston.

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